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    • I’m an actor, director and overall producer of really cool things. I’ve garnered international success through my innovative methods of storytelling and mastery of finding creative solutions within budget. 
    • In addition, I’m well versed in producing click-worthy viral content, building bridges and relaying award-winning performances around the world.

Hulu – Los Angeles, CA

Gentle Giant

Premiered at the Cannes Festival 2022. In collaboration with the George Floyd Foundation and Ad Council. Streaming on Hulu now. 

Lexus Commercial – Los Angeles, CA


2022 Lexus NX300 national commercial aired during Pro-Bowl and NBA All Star game. 

Facebook – Los Angeles, CA

For The Culture 

Collaboration with director Ron Brodie. Garnered over 10 million views on Facebook. 

Tasty Studios – Shaoxing, CN

International FIlm

Wrote, directed, casted, starred in and produced a semi-biographical film in which I portray a late Tupac Shakur who rebelliously influences a college student in China. ‘Until the End of Time’ received international attention and trended in 60+ publications from 12 different countries worldwide. 

“Is This Chinese Film About Tupac Actually Kind of Radical?

– Vice i-D

Free Pizza Productions – Los Angeles, CA

Episodic Pilot

Tsalta played the character ‘Mike’ in the sitcom pilot ‘The Understudies.’ The show highlights the woes of acting and follows six stage play understudies. Both comedic and mellow-dramatic situations grant each a moment to shine and preform in front of an audience, finally. [Still being pitched to networks].

Short Film – Sacramento, CA

Sacramento Film Festival

Black Sands Entertainment – Atlanta, GA


Tsalta briefly voiced characters Seth and Montu in the cartoon ‘Kids 2 Kings’ during the fundraising of the show. The show is based on three children raised in Egypt who obtain magic powers through their royal bloodlines. Their disobedience to authority often lands sends them on adventures that require them to use their powers before they’re ready.

Tsalta Baptiste Entertainment – Worldwide

Viral Impersonations: Obama, Kanye & more

Tsalta has an extremely special gift in impersonating ANY personality. In this video he impersonates Barack Obama, Idris Elba, Kobe Bryant, Tupac Shakur, TI and Kanye West. He has been featured in collaborative projects with celebrites for his Nigerian, Brittish and other a phenomenal accents.

Pinewood Studios – Atlanta, GA

Avengers: EndGame 

Tsalta is in Avengers: Endgame as Border Tribe Member in closing fight scene.  My character can be seen when exiting the portal behind Chadwick Boseman’s “Black Panther,” rest in power.    

TSU Sustainability Department – Houston, Tx

Blodgett Urban Gardens

Co-Founder of Texas Southern University’s Sustainability Department. Completed full production stages of Blodgett Urban Gardens, a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to eradicate a local food desert through gardening and sustainability practices. We also partnered the biology department of TSU with local schools to give youths hands on activities and certifications. 


I assembled over $75,000 dollars worth of sponsorships from national brands such as Home Depot, Waste Management, and  Radio One. In addition, this project earned press attention and was featured in SHOWTIME’s ‘Years of Living Dangerously’, Season 1, Episode 7.

Zhejiang Yuexiu University of Foreign Languages – Shaoxing, CN


Fluent in Mandarin, I served three years at ZYUFL where I taught Freshmen through senior students. I also collaborated with several of my influential students on film and commercial projects. Here is a commercial a student and I produced for the University.  

Texas Southern University Speech and Forensics Team – Worldwide

‘Idiot Box’ Duo Monologue

Lead TSU preformers Tsalta Baptiste & Nathaniel Harris III recite award-winning international duo monologue at IFA tournament in Antwerp, Belgium & Budapest, Hungary.

Youtube – Shanghai, CN

‘Black Voices in China’ 

What inspired me to direct and produce this round table discussion was a ‘Qiaobi’ detergent commercial that aired in China.  The commercial sparked a lot of racially insinsitive backlash world-wide.  China has over 2 million African descendant people living there today.  As we were just a group of those Black people who were currently in China during the backlash, it was an opportunity to broad cast to the world what we felt needed to be shared. The intentional purpose was not to draw a line and take sides but to provide a platform for all voices to be heard and communicate with each other around this topic.

This video was trending on ‘Africa News Hub.’

Texas Southern University – School of Communication – houston, tx

‘TSU 2K13 Cypher’ 

As a student of the Martin Luther King Jr. School of Communication at Texas Southern University. Every year, an audition is held and a hand few are selected to represent TSU in a friendly battle with our rival school Prairie View University. This year I was selected.

 Mario Parks (MP Productions) directed and edited the performance.  

Music World ENtertainment – Houston, TX


‘4’ Album Campaign

Led the social media and direct-marketing merchandise campaign for Beyonce’s ‘4’ album among other camp artists. Was responsible for over $100,000 gross profit at the 2012 Essence Festival and lead team of interns to victory.

As Social Media Manager, I produced entertainment, artist interactions, lifestyle news reports, and ad campaigns for label artists.




I’m skilled at producing press-worthy content. 

Social + Digital Architect 

TSalta baptiste